Conference Venues

The conference will take place at “Sala Azzurra”, “Sala Degli Stemmi”, and “Aula Bianchi”, Scuola Normale Superiore, Piazza dei Cavalieri, 7  56126 Pisa.

Getting to Pisa

  • The Airport of Pisa (Galileo Galilei International Airport) is near the city centre, and it is served by major airlines with flights from Milan, Rome, London, Paris and many other Italian, European and international cities.
  • The Florence Airport (Firenze-Peretola Airport) is the next closest airport to the city of Pisa; it also has numerous connections to Italian, European and international cities. It is linked to the central train station (Santa Maria Novella) of Florence by shuttle buses and by train to Pisa. These trains leave approximately every twenty minutes. It takes about an hour to travel from Florence to Pisa.
  • Other possible airports that may be convenient are those of Genova (Genova-Sestri Airport) and Rome (ADR).

Getting to the Scuola Normale Superiore

  • By bus. Scuola Normale can be reached from the Pisa Airport using city buses (Compagnia Toscana Trasporti): take the LAM rossa (red) bus, which directly connects the airport with the city centre.
    The “via Fermi” stop is the nearest to Scuola Normale.
  • By taxi. You can also take a taxi (CoTaPi); the trip from the airport to the Scuola Normale costs about €10. Tel.: (+39)050541600.
  • By train. The main station is “Pisa Centrale”, located in the city centre about 1 km from the Scuola Normale. Pisa is connected with all main European cities by train through Florence, Turin, Genoa or Rome (Trenitalia).
    Please Note: There is an additional charge on the Intercity e Eurostar trains. Train tickets must be automatically date validated before getting on board at the yellow boxes located in the main terminals of all Italian train stations. The Scuola Normale can be reached by bus from the train station, or by taxi (for about €5). You can even walk from the station in about 20 minutes.